The Top 10 Things You Should Know About Me

Top Ten Things About Ellen

Hey, beauties!

I thought I would do something a little different today. Instead of posting a particular outfit, I thought I would share a bit about myself with you! As your resident style junkie and fashion advice-giver, I take pride in wanting to know about you beauties. But how can I expect you to share about yourselves when you don’t know much about me?

So, I present to you the top ten things you should know about me, Ellen Martin. OK… maybe not the top ten, but you get the idea.


Top Ten Things About Ellen


Number One: The first thing you should know about me is that I am a huge fan of family communication and family psychology. As part of my Communication degree, I took a class in family communication, and thought it was so interesting! I’ve always been very interested in interpersonal communication and how people can perceive the same situation in such different ways (hence the Communication major), so it seems only natural that family communication is one of my largest interests as well.

Number Two: If I had to choose only one color to wear, it would be black. I think black is such a sleek and versatile color, especially when it comes to fashion. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and is super easy to accessorize! You can’t really go wrong with black.

Number ThreeI’m a shy extrovert. I definitely get my energy from being around people, and hate being alone for too long. That being said, I’m very shy and awkward, and never really know how to start a conversation with someone I don’t really know.

Number Four: I don’t like pizza! OK, that’s not entirely true… I’ll eat pizza with white sauce or pesto. But, I don’t like regular pizza. It’s likely due to the fact that I don’t like tomatoes… so the red sauce gets me.

Number Five: Some of my favorite music comes from Neon Trees, Magic Man, The 1975, and Smallpools. I’ve seen all of these bands in concert and have actually met Neon Trees! When I met them I went speechless… so awkward!

Number Six: I love rap music and secretly wish I could be a fantastic rapper. Who knows… with some practice it could happen! Right?


Top Ten Things About Ellen


Number Seven: I am a major coffee addict… but you already knew that. In college, I worked as a barista at a local coffee shop, and loved making cool new concoctions for myself and others to try. I had a lot of really cool ideas, and could easily make my own coffee shop menu.

Number Eight: My favorite movie of all time is Spy with Melissa McCarthy. I can’t watch it enough times… every time I watch it is equally as funny as the last!

Number Nine: My favorite animals are alpacas. For our first anniversary, my boyfriend took me to an alpaca farm, where we got a tour and were able to pet the alpacas! I almost lost it when they all came trotting toward me. It was too adorable!

Number Ten: The last fact on the top ten (ish) things you would know about me is that my favorite color is purple! When I first started this blog, I tried so hard not to include purple in the color scheme, because I already have so much purple in my life! Practically everything in my apartment is purple, my school color in college was in purple, my purse is purple… you get the idea. But no color scheme I worked with looked right until I landed on this one. Oh well… sometimes you just have to keep things consistent.


Top Ten Things About Ellen

I hope you enjoyed learning about me, beauties! Leave a comment with a few fun facts about you, and where I can find your blog if you have one!

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