Studded Black Tank + High-Waisted Pants

Studded Black Tank + High-Waisted Pants | Coffee & Cat Eyes

Hey, beauties!

Pretty street style is how I describe my personal style; I feel it’s a mix of girly, feminine pieces and edgy, street-chic wardrobe staples. I find myself drawn to black, blue, and neutral hues, while styles that are more pretty, feminine, and subdued are my usual go-tos. However, today I’m exploring an edgier side to my pretty street style! Each piece in this look is one I wear consistently (when I’m not dressing up for work, that is), but that being said, I don’t often think to put these pieces together. You must be asking, Why?! They’re practically made for each other! Beauties, I know.

Studded Black Tank + High-Waisted Pants | Coffee & Cat Eyes

This black studded V-neck tank is one of my favorite budget finds. I found it at Target while in college, and I practically haven’t stopped wearing it since I brought it home that day. This top is so comfy, but the style is edgy, giving off kind of a rocker feel. It can easily be draped over jeans or tucked into high-waisted pants (such as in this look), and will seem effortless either way. This top has also become one of my favorite shirts for concerts. It’s great to pair with skinny jeans, with a plaid shirt tied around the waist!

Studded Black Tank + High-Waisted Pants | Coffee & Cat Eyes

Studded Black Tank + High-Waisted Pants | Coffee & Cat Eyes

However, I wasn’t looking for a concert outfit with this look. Here, I wanted something I could wear on a Girls Night Out-type evening. I wanted something kind of edgy, kind of glam. These high-waisted army green ankle pants do the trick! What I love about these pants is the cut. This cut (high-waisted, ankle cut) is not one I would normally go for: Ankle-cut pants tend to give me the heeby-jeebies, and I think it often looks like I just got too small of a size. But, when paired with the edgy zippers and muted green, I feel that the look is one I can own!

To give my outfit final hint of glam, I added some sassy black heels. The black ties in nicely with the top, but the heels provide a necessary glam factor. Et, voila! The perfect edgy Girls Night Out outfit. If you want to re-create my look, any V-neck detailed tank will do. Tuck it into some high-waisted pants and you’re good to go!

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