Plaid Lace-Up Shirt + Leather Jacket

Hey, beauties! Today I’m sharing a look that’s a little sassy and a little sexy, the perfect combo for a weekend outing! If you’re planning a night out and need some fashion inspiration, look no further. I’ve compiled this sassy look so you don’t have to.

Plaid Lace-Up Shirt + Leather Jacket on Coffee & Cat Eyes

Remember when I mentioned that I’m always late to the popular trend bandwagon? The lace-up trend is another one of those trains I nearly missed. When I first saw the trend, my interest was definitely piqued – but with a small chest and a full-time job, I didn’t think the trend suited my body type nor my lifestyle very well. While it’s true that I can’t exactly wear this trend to the office, I’ve realized that it’s a great option for a night out or for a casual weekend look. In fact, I think this outfit would work great for both occasions!

Plaid Lace-Up Shirt + Leather Jacket on Coffee & Cat Eyes

To accommodate for the fact that I’m not the biggest fan of sticky bras, I’ve opted for a lacey pushup bralette with this look. It’s pretty subtle and doesn’t much show through the top, which works out great. And, in my opinion, it’s infinitely more comfortable than a sticky bra. If you’re a lady who loves sticky bras, they’re probably the best option for a lace-up top, but if you’re like me and would prefer something else, a bralette is the way to go!

Today, I also really wanted to show off these badass cat eye sunglasses. Aren’t they so cool? I love the chic look the provide, especially with this outfit! I know I’ll get noticed on a night out. This leather jacket adds another hint of badass flair. I just love how the sharp black leather pairs with the bright blue plaid: It’s a beautiful street style harmony that I just can’t get enough of!

The plaid pattern on this top matches my aesthetic quite well: pretty street chic is how I describe my style, and this leather moto jacket works with the plaid lace-up top perfectly to achieve this look. Skinnies and black leather booties play into this theme perfectly.

How would you describe your personal style aesthetic, beauties?

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    March 31, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    I have a jacket like this too and need to wear it more often! Love the lace up shirt.

    What’s a sticky bra??

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