Orange Pants + B&W Plaid

Plaid Shirt + Orange Pants

Hey beauties!

Let me set the scene. You’ve just woken up and have a loooong day ahead of you. You’re tired of wearing the same jeans-and-tee outfit and want a different look for the day. You also want your outfit to feel comfy, be easy, and look put-together with a hint of street style flair… all at the same time.

OK, that’s very specific. But, I’m sure we’ve all had similar days! I constantly wake up wanting to look pretty and put-together with minimal effort. If you haven’t had a day like this, I’m convinced you’re either lying to me or you’re a superhuman.  Always having that perfectly established outfit that’s comfy, trendy, and totally on point is very difficult, and sometimes, it seems easiest just to admit defeat and throw on those yoga pants for the third day in a row [sidebar, I’ve totally done that before. No shame!]. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to do that! Throwing together a pretty street style-esque outfit with little effort is totally possible. Today’s look demonstrates just that.

Plaid Shirt + Orange Pants

Plaid Shirt + Orange Pants


Instead of my go-to leggings, I’m wearing a comfy pair of bright orange pants in a comfy cotton material! These pants feel like a cotton T-shirt for my legs. They’re so comfy! If you’re tired of wearing the same leggings every day but feel uncomfortable in denim jeans, my biggest tip for you is to find a pair of pants you love in a different material. I love these because they look like colored jeans, but feel infinitely more comfortable. Plus, paired with my black-and-white checkered button-down, I get that pretty street style look that I love.

Speaking of this top, it’s pretty much the perfect style for those days you want to look like you spent more time on your outfit than you actually did. Button-downs are my go to for this type of look: They look great tucked in or left untucked, and they’re oh so easy to just throw on and button up. For today’s look, I left my shirt untucked for a more disheveled appearance.

Finally, no outfit is complete without the perfect shoes! I dressed my look up with some studded black ankle booties. The black ties in nicely with the checkered print on the top, while the gold studs give my look a more edgy, rocker accent. If you want something more comfy and less attention-getting, a simple pair of flats would work very well.

Plaid Shirt + Orange Pants

If you have time, a statement necklace is the perfect finishing touch to this outfit, although it looks just as good without. I opted out because I was actually running super late this morning. A subtle statement necklace in clear or pale pink would look great, and would not take away from the bold orange in my pants and the checkered pattern on my top.

Plaid Shirt + Orange Pants

What do you think of my easy and put-together outfit, beauties? I hope I was able to provide some insight on how to upgrade your wardrobe easily put-together outfits!

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