Green T-Shirt Dress + Floral Scarf on Coffee & Cat Eyes


Hey beauties! Welcome to Coffee & Cat Eyes. I’m Ellen, a twenty-something style junkie from St. Paul, MN. I’m your resident shopaholic, coffeeholic, blogaholic, and (some would say) workaholic. Here on Coffee & Cat Eyes, you’ll find new posts about my newest (or oldest) finds every Tuesday and Friday.


Just a little background on me: I graduated from college in 2016 (yay!) with a degree in Communication & Journalism with a minor in Psychology. During my time in school, I created a fashion blog in which I crafted affordable outfits for college students and demonstrated ways in which college students could wear current trends while on a budget. I managed this blog for about three years, but decided to call it quits when senior year rolled around. The blog wasn’t becoming what I wanted it to be, and I simply didn’t have the time or resources to make it just that. Now that I’ve graduated (and learned a thing or two about blogging), I’ve decided to start fresh, this time with a new focus on what I call my “pretty street style.” That’s where Coffee & Cat Eyes comes in.


I couldn’t be more excited to share my day-to-day style with all of you, and I can’t wait to learn more about you fabulous beauties! Be prepared for winged eyeliner, budget finds, and lots (and lots) of coffee.