Royal Blue Short-Sleeved T-Shirt Blouse

Royal Blue Short-Sleeved Blouse | Coffee & Cat Eyes

Hey, beauties!

Just to re-iterate myself from my last few posts… I am LOVING spring! Spring is my favorite season, for quite a few reasons. My birthday is in spring (it’s actually today!), the weather is nearly perfect, and I get to wear my favorite silky tops all season long! This silky T-shirt is one of my all-time faves. I got it from Stitch Fix, and it’s definitely one of my most-loved wardrobe pieces of all time.

Royal Blue Short-Sleeved T-Shirt Blouse | Coffee & Cat Eyes

Practically everybody owns a classic T-shirt. They’re the epitome of true American fashion, and can be seen on nearly anybody for any occasion. I’m a pretty casual person, but I usually steer away from the typical cotton T-shirts (let’s just say I am not a fan of the inevitable pit stains), so pretty blouses like this are my go-to when I need a T-shirt. The short sleeves reflect that classic cut, while the airy material and pretty details elevate my outfit, giving me a more sophisticated, adult image (which, by the way, is something I struggle with. I feel like I will forever look like I’m 17!).

Royal Blue Short-Sleeved T-Shirt Blouse | Coffee & Cat Eyes

I love to style my tops with a half-tuck in the front; it’s so chic and effortless. I’ve done just that with this royal blue masterpiece. On bottom, I’ve opted for a dark-wash pair of skinnies instead of my favorite medium-wash pair. The darker shade of these jeans brings together the sophisticated and almost nicer look of the outfit. Plus, I kind of love the beige stitching on these jeans. So pretty!

Last but not least are my trusty black Ugg booties. These heeled booties are seriously my go-to footwear choice for any time I want to make myself look a little more put-together. They practically scream adult, and they go well with almost anything!

Royal Blue Short-Sleeved T-Shirt Blouse | Coffee & Cat Eyes

If you want to copy my sophisticated T-shirt look but don’t have a similar top, go for any short-sleeved blouse made of material other than cotton. The goal for this look is to elevate the classic T-shirt-and-jeans combo.

Let me know how to you style your T-shirts for spring, beauties! I’m all ears.

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